What is oral cancer screening?
Our team realizes that frequent dental visits are an important part of your oral health. Accordingly, we recommend that you visit our staff at least once every six months for a routine dental examination and cleaning. During this examination, our talented dentist will check for indicators of Oral Cancer. During an oral cancer screening, our dentist will inspect the inside of your mouth for white or red spots or sores. Also, Dr. Mario J. Roybal may use a gloved hand to feel the inside of your mouth for lumps. If our talented dentist is concerned, he may recommend further examinations.

When is an oral cancer screening important?
While our team believes that frequent screenings are important, there are other symptoms which may indicate oral cancer. As the chances of treating oral cancer are much higher in its earlier stages, we recommend contacting our team with any of the following symptoms:

• A persistent sore
• Red or white patches inside the mouth
• Teeth that are lose
• Tongue pain
• Stiffness or pain in the jaw
• Painful or difficult chewing
• Painful or difficulty swallowing
• Sore throat

If you have any questions about a screening for oral cancer in Biloxi, Mississippi, we invite you to contact us today.