What You Can Do for Your Toothache

As you probably know, a toothache can be a strong indicator that something is wrong with your teeth. Occasionally, your toothache could fade on its own, but usually you’ll need to visit a dentist to have the issue addressed. Still, what do you do if you have a toothache but aren’t able to visit a… Read more »

A Tooth Lost to Severe Decay Can Be Replaced by Installing a Bridge

There are times when a cavity or large area of tooth decay can spread quickly. Should you choose to ignore the problem the tooth can become so compromised that it breaks off at the gum line or is otherwise lost. In a situation like this a ’s dentist will likely recommend extracting any remnants of… Read more »

Your Regular Dental Checkup Includes an Oral Cancer Screening

At the end of your regular dental checkup with your dentist, Dr. , you will receive a basic oral cancer screening. Early detection of oral or pharyngeal cancer greatly increases the chances of having successful treatment. The American Dental Association reports that one in 92 adults will develop some form of oral or pharyngeal cancer…. Read more »

Knocking Out Your Chronic Jaw Pain

Does your jaw hurt whenever you chew food? Does it pop and click as it moves? You might have a disorder of the temporomandibular joints, or TMJ. TMJ disorder can cause pain and discomfort throughout the craniofacial area. Dr. is skilled in identifying the causes and best treatment options for TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder can… Read more »

A Professional Dental Bleaching Procedure Will Safely and Effectively Whiten Your Smile

Many people struggle with stains on their teeth. A stained smile can leave you feeling self-conscious and wanting to explore your whitening options. Fortunately, Dr. is highly trained and has years of experience helping people find the bright, white smile they’ve always wanted. There are all kinds of whitening treatments available to consumers, but unfortunately,… Read more »

Simple Lifestyle Habits to Help Prevent Common Oral Emergencies

An emergency or injury can happen in your mouth, just like any other part of the body. While you can’t always prevent any oral emergency from happening there are a few simple lifestyle habits you can adopt to help prevent some common oral emergencies, or at least make it easier for you to handle them… Read more »

How to Avoid Tooth Sensitivity after a Dental Filling

At the dental practice of Dr. Mario Roybal in Biloxi, Mississippi, we are delighted to offer our patients white fillings, also known as composite or tooth-colored fillings to repair minor to moderate damage in a tooth. After a filling is placed, it may take a few hours to a few days for tooth sensitivity to… Read more »

Dental Extraction: The Healing Process

Did you just have a tooth pulled, or are you planning on doing so? If the answer is yes, you probably have questions about the process of recovery. At , we are committed to ensuring you have the swiftest, most comfortable recovery possible. After extracting the tooth, Dr. may offer a dental restoration if feels… Read more »

It’s Important to Identify the Primary Cause of Tooth Sensitivity

Pain in one or more teeth when you eat hot, cold, sweet or acidic foods, should be taken as a warning sign of a potentially serious problem. There are several competitive brands of toothpaste that have been specially formulated to mitigate the pain and discomfort caused by sensitive teeth. While this might provide some short… Read more »

Sedation Dentistry: Helping You Feel at Ease

Many people experience anxiety when they visit a dental office. The thought of sitting in a dental chair may make them nervous, or even afraid. Some people avoid going to the dentist unless there is no other choice. Are you one of these people? Set your fears aside! We are here to help. At our… Read more »