What is a dental bridge?
Dental bridges are designed to be a fixed (non-removable) implant used to restore a smile that is missing one or even several consecutive teeth. A dental implant is created from a mold to ensure that it melds with the shape and size of your natural teeth. Dental implants can also be made to match the color, shape, and tone of your smile to provide you with the most pleasing, natural-looking smile possible.
If a dental bridge in Biloxi, Mississippi is right for you, Dr. Mario J. Roybal will anchor your bridge to your existing teeth, an implant, or another restoration depending on your individual needs.

How can a dental implant help me?
Our friendly dentist may recommend a dental bridge for you to:

• Complete your smile by replacing missing teeth
• Stop your natural teeth from drifting out of place
• Enhancing your ability to chew or speak properly
• Relieve pressure or stress on the bite
• Improve the appearance of your smile

Our team is devoted to giving you the most comfortable dental experience possible. If you have questions about the benefits of dental bridges or any of the services we offer you, please feel free to call and schedule a consultation with us today!