Have previous dental experiences left you uneasy with the idea of visiting a dentist again? Does the thought of stepping into the dental office fill you with anxiety? If so, nitrous oxide sedation may be the solution for you. Frequently referred to as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a safe sedative designed to help you have the most relaxed dental experience possible, regardless of the reason for your anxiety.

Our dentist, Dr. Mario J. Roybal, will mix laughing gas with oxygen. Our team will supply you with a small nose mask, and ask you to inhale normally. Within minutes, you will feel the effects of the laughing gas. Generally, patients who are sedated with nitrous oxide feel calm, and relaxed, and many describe their feelings as tingly or even euphoric. Most patients do not fall asleep when sedated by nitrous oxide, though some patients are on the verge of consciousness. One of the many benefits of nitrous oxide is the fact that its effects wear off within minutes. You may not remember specific details of the procedure after the effects of laughing gas wear off. Our team is devoted to giving you the most comfortable, relaxed dental experience possible. If you are interested in nitrous oxide sedation in Biloxi, Mississippi, please contact us today.