Why would I need a dental extraction?
Our team is devoted to offering you high-quality, affordable dental care. While our talented dentist, Dr. Mario J. Roybal strives to treat and preserve your natural teeth, at times a dental extraction is the most efficient way to ensure your sound oral health. A dental extraction—or the removal of a tooth—can become necessary if:

• A severe infection has destroyed much of a tooth and its bone structure
• Crowding caused by an excessive amount of teeth in a dental arc
• A successful restoration is impossible because of decay or damage
• A primary tooth is blocking a permanent tooth

If an extraction does become necessary, Dr. Mario J. Roybal will work carefully to ensure that you have the most comfortable dental experience possible.

What happens after an extraction?
After an extraction, we are happy to offer you one of our dental restorations to restore your smile to its optimal look and function. Depending on your individual needs, our team may recommend a dental crown, implant, or bridge. With proper care, the restorations can offer a permanent solution! If you would like more information about a dental extraction in Biloxi, Mississippi, please feel free to contact us today. We are excited to offer you our high-quality dental care.